Sunday, November 20, 2011

oh hey there

Catching up, blabbing, etc.....

Day 4 of weening is going ok. She keeps asking for milk after her second nap and I feel like a total ass saying no but if she is really distracted she usually just forgets about it. I'm really going to take it slow and not rush the whole process. I figure with the winter/flu season coming up the more breastmilk in her body the better. But I'm glad to be starting the process at my own pace. Speaking of flu I didn't get her a flu shot. She seems so little for that kind of shot. I've done a lot of research on all the vaccines and I've paced them all out where I'm comfortable but the flu is a weird one. Her dr told me that the flu shot for babies is preservative free which was my main concern but she wasn't specific enough about it. I'm still trying to decide what to do with that.

On hitting. She hasn't hit me in a few days and she was super sweet to her friend Sonia the other night, all cuddly and sharing toys so I'm hoping this will be a phase that passes very quickly but with everything baby you have to take it second by second. She threw some major tantrums today at the dr's office (she was so bored waiting for the dr) but she didn't hit just melted down and got limp and wanted to throw herself on the floor. It's hard not to laugh when she does it cause my gosh it's so dramatic but I know it's also totally normal.

The other day my friend asked me about her sleeping through the night and I proudly told  her how wonderful her sleeping has been and how she sleeps all night. She is a really early riser but she sleeps all night.  Or so I thought.......Can you guess who decided sleeping through the night was lame??? Yep un fucking real. I swear as soon as I say something the universe shoves a giant f you in my face. It's been a consistent 2 and 4 wake up. Normally I would let her wiggle around and figure it out on her own but she stands up and once she does that it's pretty rare she will go back down. Each time we can't find anything wrong or something that would bother her. She has been doing these wakeup things all week. The only kinda plus is that has slept in till 6:30. I mean it doesn't balance out since we're awake at night a few times but not getting up at 5am is kinda nice. I'm sure next week it will change again just so crazy how every day is different.

On a exciting note she is talking so so much and understands crazy amounts of things. She has a handful of words she says over and over and it seems that everyday she adds something new to her vocabulary. She knows all of her major body parts and loves to point them out when you ask. This week she showed a lot of interested in stacking her blocks (finally) after only enjoying knocking them down. She has also started playing with her doll a lot more. Well in between using the spatula as a sword all around the house (which I'm ok with as long as she doesn't hit the dog). She has learned the sign for food which has been really helpful. She is finally developing a little bit of shyness which only lasts for maybe 5 min but it's really sweet. She has started to say up but it sounds like pup. When she signs for more she usually says the word more too which is great. My favorite is every single time I'm on the phone and I say bye she will always repeat it but a few seconds later. It always makes me giggle. She attempted to say Sierra today. It's funny because I've been watching her really think about the word and today she tried but I think saying an S is really hard. When she wants to watch yo gabba gabba she grabs the remote and does this super dramatic dance and says something which I'm assuming is gabba but just sounds like ggggggg. It's crazy how many things she is learning each day. She is growing up so fast. Today she decided that she wanted to wear her rain boots all over the house and would not take them off. I blame my brother because he put them on her on thanksgiving and now she feels really cool in them. They are at least 2 sizes too big so she trips all over the house in them but she doesn't care. She likes help putting them on and will bring them to me and hold on to my shoulder and lift her foot up. Today she got pretty far doing it herself and managed to get on one boot totally backwards. She is a persistent little bugger! It seems like everyday there is something.......

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