Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sick Day 3

We are trying to fight this stupid cold. It's a pretty nasty one cause it has a cough with it. Olive even had a fever last night which was her first fever ever. It didn't seem to bother her at all but when I put her to bed I snuggled on her cheek and she was super hot. It was only 101 but still scared me. She went right to sleep and when she woke up it was gone so I guess it wasn't a big deal. Seems like everyone I talk to is sick or was sick so just something nasty going around. I knew I couldn't avoid it with Olive using me as a snot rag all day and today I woke up with that sick feeling in my throat. Oh well just wanted to get it and then get over it quickly before the holidays. Olive seems a lot better today but were still going to take it easy. Staying home all day is brutal.We ran out to the market yesterday and I kept her in my moby as to not be a total asshole and spread germs but I had to get out even if it was just to the market. I think today she will be up to walking around the block or going for a stroll. I just wish I could take advil cold and sinus cause I'm like a rockstar on that stuff but it's a big no no with nursing and this child has been attached to my boob all day while she is sick. So lets just hope my handy juicer will help get this cold in and out of my body. I'm going to make some matzo ball soup for lunch as well so that should do the trick. Of course this was the weekend I was supposed to have a girls night with Tamar and a sleepover and I'm thinking that isn't going to happen now that I'm sick. Uggg seriously my luck.
Think healthy thoughts! 

From my garden.

Olive's afternoon nap looked like this for me.

It's cool to watch gabba with sunglasses on.

Uncle Evan brought his "work" truck by and Olive was not a fan. She thinks ska is lame.

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