Monday, November 7, 2011

The sick

Seriously????? Olive woke up with a cold this morning and I am not happy. She seems totally fine but sounds all congested and is super snotty. All of her little swim friends were sick last week and starting that gym class with all those little snot nosed kids probably didn't help. I'm mad so I'm blaming other people obviously. The days are hard enough but dealing with a sick baby is zero fun. Not to mention I should wake up tomorrow feeling like shit. The last 2 days I noticed Olive was snotty but I thought it was the heater but guess not. Lets hope all my mama love will get her well soon. Booooo for colds!

BUT I do have photos!


What the end of the day looks like.

2nd broken bowl thanks so Olive throwing them on the ground over and over. Who knew you could break melamine?

Baked some rosemary bread. Yumm!