Sunday, November 6, 2011

the last of halloween photos

I know Halloween was so last week but I forgot to put up some photos. Aka I was too lazy to edit them. I'm trying to stay awake for another hour so I can try and keep up with Daylight Savings and not go to bed before 9 but man oh man is it hard to keep my eyes open. I've been keeping myself busy searching around for a new kitchen table. My Grandma bought me the coolest table that I got when we moved to LA and even took to NY with us but after a bunch of moves it was just done, the screws were stripped and it was falling apart. It had a good run but now I'm in search of something that will last me forever. We're going to start doing a bunch of stuff around the house over the next few months to try and make it feel more like us. For the last year I've gone back and forth wanting to move and stay but this place is starting to feel more like home and I feel like if we put a bunch of work and more of us into the house it can be something we can live in for a long time. First off will be painting. The house we live in is really nice but just not our style at all. The walls are painted an off white color which is not bad at all but for me I'm just a fan of super white walls or a bright color. I told Blake that I think it's possible that the color of the walls were making me depressed. Maybe that sounds crazy but I think color totally plays into your mood. I mean I'm not blaming the walls but maybe they didn't help ya know?? Either way I think walking into a home that makes you happy is super important and I want to do everything I can to make it that way. So if anyone knows of good blogs/sites for home inspiration send them my way!

This weekend was pretty quiet. We didn't do much but go down to the beach and run some errands. Blake and I got to have lunch alone on saturday which was actually really fun and much needed. Olive napped at his parents house and we took advantage and ran out. It's nice to have an occasional meal that you get to taste. A real date night would be amazing! Soon soon I hope.

And now for the photos.....

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