Sunday, November 20, 2011

Derelict Thanksgiving

We hosted our first derelict thanksgiving at our house this weekend. Sadly I barely took any photos between wrangling a child, mingling, and cooking food BUT we did have a photo booth that summed everything up pretty well. Hopefully Blake and I will get to go through all 500 photos later this week so I can post them. Kat and Nick arrived early to make preparations to deep fry the turkey. We didn't burn down the house and they turkey was delicious. Success! Other people brought a bunch of sides, way too much alcohol, and a shit ton of dessert. A few of my friends flaked out at the last minute due to sick babies which was kinda sad but I guess the holidays and babies will do that. Anyways it was a ton of fun and I hope we can do it next year. So here are a few of the photos......

Am I the only weirdo that takes photos in the mirror then analyzes my outfit? (for special occasions not daily)

Simple table. Loved the billy balls but those suckers cause serious allergies.

Sonia and Olive.

Kat getting intimate with the turkey.

Deep fried turkey.

Nick and his turkey.

Prepared just in case...

Olive and Uncle Jared.

We let the vegetarian cut the turkey.


pulled pork with coleslaw, stuffing, vegan mac n cheese, green beans, turkey, potato salad, and egg rolls.

End of the night. Tired and gushing blood from my foot. Neat.

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