Sunday, November 13, 2011

Olive the dog walker

We're finally recovering around these parts. Olive seems to be almost all better with the exception of a little snot and a cough but she is acting totally normal. I'm still not 100%, my throat still hurts but I don't feel as tired and worthless as I did last week so I'm ok with that. Just excited for the week and to get back to all our normal activities and errands. Plus we have our turkey day dinner on Saturday so there is plenty of shopping to do for that. I'm going through my normal excited/anxiety party planning mode. Blake is so casual about having people over. I think he thinks the food, decorations, and all of that magically appear somehow. Wouldn't that be nice!!! Since its pot luck its not that much work at all but since we are the hosts I feel like we need to make more food and I also always think about people flaking at the last minute and not having enough to eat. Ok that has never happened at any party I've been to but still my mind goes so I want to be prepared. Of course I also want to make a really pretty table and decorate a little bit. That and we have to rent tables and chairs since there will be quite a few people.I feel like such an adult having a big ol feast. Excited for a fun night!

The weekend was pretty quiet. Saturday was rainy which normally doesn't slow us down but with the sick I wanted to stay warm so we ventured out of the house for a sushi lunch which ended up being a nice treat. The rest of the day was spent in pj's at home just hanging. Today we headed out to the oc great park. They have a pretty good farmers market, food trucks, and a live band. We spent a few hours wandering around, eating lunch, and playing in the dirt. Olive busted out headstands in the middle of the farmers market and found the only spots with mud and dug around. Before dinner we went on a walk around the block. Olive wanted to hold Sierra the whole time so it was a VERY long walk just to go in a small circle but really funny to watch her. When Sierra gets close to home she starts to really pick up the pace so it would make Olive run super fast and then she would let go of the leash and laugh like it was the funniest thing in the world. This kid sure makes me laugh........

The sick cave.

Matzo Balls.

A walk in the pj's.


Guarding her snacks.

Loves putting sunglasses on.

She will bust these out anywhere and everywhere.

Humidifier can also be a hat. Loves putting things on her head.


Bathing Suit on head.

Trying to put legwarmers on.

I got excited and pulled them all out. Some are too mini.

Gabba time.

Like I said, anywhere.

Three silly screaming videos........

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