Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012! The year of "get shit done."

Happy 2012! I'm still recovering from New Years eve. Let's just say I can't drink like I used to. The night was fantastic but the morning not so much. I usually don't like new years eve as it's always so hyped up and there are so many expectations to go huge and do something exciting that it always ends up being lame. Since I was in high school I've spent every new years in Mammoth for that reason. Low key and only a few places you can go which makes it simple. I've had some pretty amazing new years up there but the last few have been kinda whatever. I think getting older and the pressure to stay up late is kinda annoying. This year was different and actually one of the best times I've had. We came home from Mammoth early which worked out as our friends were in town from NY. They wanted to see Olive so we planned a nice little day and dinner on new years eve. They were supposed to go back to San Diego that night after dinner but we got kinda carried away and drank a wee bit too much so they ended up staying and we went out and celebrated new years together which was a very exciting unexpected treat. We ate at the same sushi place I had my birthday dinner and it did not disappoint. We ate ridiculous amounts of fresh sashimi and way too many bottles of sake. It was so much fun! As dinner was ending I got a text from Blake's brother to come to a bar down the street so of course we did. When I'm drunk EVERYTHING is a good idea. It ended up being super fun and pretty wild. Besides getting pretty sick from mixing way too many drinks it was the most amazing night with some good people.

The next day was absolutely beautiful and while I really wanted to spend all day in bed I got my ass up and we went down to the beach. I ended up seeing a friend and chatted for a bit in between chasing Olive. Then Olive decided she wanted to go in the freezing ocean. I swear she didn't care that is was cold, she would of swam if I let go of her. We lazied around Blake's parents for a bit then headed home. This January weather has been insane, it honestly feels like summer. Today we got the super motivation bug and ran a bunch of errands and started organizing the garage a bit. I'm pretty sure it will take all of 2012 to get everything organized but we will do it! I'm feeling super motivated to get shit done. I know this is always how the first of the year is but I'm going to take while I'm feeling it!

Ashley and Steve

I blame this margarita for everything.

Ross and Dana


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