Thursday, September 16, 2010

38 weeks

Ok this nauseous thing is annoying. I can deal with the aches and pains but when you can't quite get over that feeling of wanting to puke its really annoying. Its hard to eat anything but at the same time its the only thing that helps. I managed to eat cottage cheese and strawberries this am followed by cereal. I should have an egg but I didn't feel like throwing up. Lovely morning blog huh? I'm thinking I might have to resort to ginger ale for breakfast like I did in the first trimester.

My mom came down for a few days to keep me company which has been good to keep my mind off feeling crappy. Since I'm not really supposed to be venturing out alone it helps cause we can run around and keep semi busy (at least till I get tired which is pretty quickly). I have another midwife appt today. At this point its all pretty standard and quick. I get weighed, measured, and then we talk a bit. Just a big waiting game now......

So everyone keeps talking about the due date and when she will be here. My mother in law is thinking the 23rd or the 25th. My mom said she thinks I have about a week and a half left which I guess would be the 25th ish. I have no idea, as shitty as I feel I still think I have a little bit of time left. Obviously out of my control but I would have no problem is she came next week a few days early!

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