Monday, September 13, 2010

Catch Up

I've neglected the blog for a few days so its time for a big ol catch up. Last week my mom came into town for 2 days. We were supposed to have our birthing rehearsal but it got moved till yesterday (more on that later) So Mom came with me to my midwife appt then we got lunch. We also went shopping for nursing bras. My first time in a maternity store! We ended up in a place called Destination Maternity. I think its part of those Pea in the Pod stores? I have to say it wasn't that awful. I'm really anti maternity clothing but there were a few cute things in there. I ended up finding a few great bras, a nursing shirt, and some cozy pj pants. Not gonna win hot wife of the year with these bras but they sure are cozy.

This weekend we got to meet baby Lily! The cutest little critter I've ever seen. It was so fun to see Andy and Lisa as parents. They were both so natural. I can't wait for our little ones to be able to play. It will be great when I can tell Lily stories about her dad, I have some good ones!! Starting with him peeing on my head when we were like 3......

Yesterday was our birthing rehearsal. It was just a big talk with my doula, Blake, and the moms about what to expect during the birth and how I want things to go. It really made things real, it was actually very exciting to talk about everything. I think it definitely helps with the whole fear thing. I know what I want and everyone around me is on the same page so it just makes me feel so calm. I can't believe at any time this little one could be here. I've had a few really good days where I haven't been too crampy or tired, probably cause I've been running around staying pretty active. At night I start to get crampy and that is when I tend to feel ick but its not super awful. I've been sleeping pretty good, I mean considering how massive I am. The new fun thing is drooling like crazy. It happened in the second trimester for a bit but now its back. My poor pillow. I think this late in the pregnancy is when you really see differences every single day. I still feel like I'm dropping, although I have dropped a lot I feel like I still have a ways to go. I do feel a ton of relief so I know its happening, just slowly.

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