Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Usually I try and go to bed pretty early but I've really been having trouble sleeping so I figure I would wait till I was really really tired to crawl into bed. Had a really nice relaxing weekend! On sunday my friend Kristin treated me to the most fabulous lunch and massage. Seriously the best day ever. We went to the Bowers museum where they have a really cute cafe. I don't know much about the Bowers but it was super packed so we'll have to go back with baby. Yay for culture in the OC! Then we made our way to Glen Ivy in Brea. Another adventure as I had never been to Brea before. Oh my gosh the massage was so relaxing. Laying in a nest pillows with yummy smells and being rubbed is the best thing ever. The spa is really nice and has a wonderful place to sit and relax, a hot tub (not for preggers) and these amazing showers which I took full advantage of. They shoot out from three places. Magical! After that we got some coffee and wandered around Baby Gap. I finally got my iced latte fix. We came back to my house and chatted the night away till Blake got home and we realized it was dinner time. Kristin and I tend to blab our faces off like this, always have always will! So off to try and find food in Tustin at 8pm which was a real treat. Sometimes I just have to laugh at how strange this place is. Everything was closed and it seemed so empty out. Don't people eat out on sundays at 8pm? Luckily we found a thai place which wasn't too bad. I really had the best day ever. Hanging out with Kristin is the biggest treat and we don't get to do it that often since she lives in SF, although I have to say for living the furthest away (besides NY) she has been down to visit quite often so I'm a very lucky girl.

Oh oh the best news ever (I hope I can spill it now) is she is pregnant!!!! 14 weeks! I'm so happy for her and her husband Ryan. They are going to be the best parents in the world. They have already spoiled the crap out of our critter so I can't wait to do the same. So thank you Kristin for the most wonderful day and spoiling me!

Today was pretty relaxing besides my nesting urge. I decided that I wanted to get frames for the house since we don't have much up so we went to Ikea and stocked up. I think I stressed Blake out a bit cause I was on a mission to decorate, apparently this is how I am going to nest. We got most of them on the wall with photos but we still need to buy more paper to print and make some scans which stresses me out cause I have frames sitting on the floor with nothing in them. That does not help the nesting urge but it will get done this week, I will make sure of it. It also gives me a mission for tomorrow which is always good since I don't have too much on my plate.

Still feeling really weird, that's really the only way I can put it. I think today the critter officially dropped cause I felt different. The way she is kicking is also really different. I am feeling a lot of kicks or pokes in my belly button area which doesn't totally make sense since I thought she was head down butt against my back. I know she can turn to the side a bit but isn't she supposed to be flipped a bit more? I have an appt on thursday so I'm sure my midwife will be able to feel and tell me. I still can't really tell the body parts but they sure poke around in there like crazy. I can definitely feel her head sitting really low and making my hips spread a bit. It doesn't hurt at all but feels like the bone is pushing out, super strange. As far as Braxton Hicks go I am still having those quite often but they don't really last long at all now, at least today they didn't. Its more a quick sharp pain. Actually sometimes it will make me jump its so sharp but it goes away pretty quickly. I'm also starting to have a lot of crampy period like pains, really dull and weak. My back is also feeling a little crampy in the same way, just a dull weak pain. Just trying to keep track of everything and see how it progresses. I mean when all this starts happening is there any way to tell how far off you really are?? I'm hanging in there but I have to say this is definitely the most uncomfortable part of pregnancy. I've given up on sleep and I'm ok with it. Better to not fight it and just try and relax especially since I don't have to be anywhere or wake up early so no need to freak out if I can't fall asleep or that I'm awake all morning. Trying to be calm and just take each day at a time.

The other night on the couch

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    They have a really neat belly mapping page in there to help you learn what position baby is in. =)