Wednesday, September 22, 2010

39 weeks

Well almost, technically thursday is 39 weeks but its close enough. Last night I felt different,I can't explain how or why but I just did. I've had a pretty constant cramping since last night. Its not painful at all just an uncomfortable constant cramp. I hope that means something is happening in there. Still not sleeping but I have a surprising amount of energy. I walked outside this am and it felt like fall and I immediately got happy. Summer has been really mild here but I am ready for some cool weather. My mom is coming down again to join me for my midwife appt which will be nice. Then I think we are going to bake cause that is what I've been doing every day. Its totally been my form of nesting. My mood has been a billion times better. I swear venting helped. I got the nicest phone calls and emails from friends yesterday. A few read the blog so I think they were making sure I wasn't gonna go off the deep end but then there are those other friends that just sense things. I dunno I can't explain it. Everyone has those friends that just call at the perfect moment. Yesterday my friends came through on that one. Wow I miss everyone!

Ok think birthing thoughts for me, I'm soooo ready!


  1. now that you're almost there you can listen to your Birth Guide cd. =)

  2. Ha, I guess I'm one of the "sensers":) I'm so happy I had a chance to chat with you before the big day! Congratulations to you, Blake, and Sierra on lil Olive!