Wednesday, September 1, 2010


There are so many cute baby things out there, most I can't afford but its super fun to fake shop. This is one of those daily email things but its all baby stuff and the occasional maternity. The prices are usually pretty low. Either way its fun to look.

Speaking of fashion I cannot tell you how happy I am that ponchos/capes are the thing for fall. I don't generally follow fashion super closely but I do like the occasional thing out there. After having a baby I can't think of anything better to wear but a big ol poncho/cape.

The first few are not affordable but fun to look at.

This last one is more affordable since its from old navy. They better come in 7 colors for everyday of the week. I'm pretty sure I can breastfeed in public in this too?



  1. I see this ad everyday on my way to work and always think it would be so comfy pre/post-baby. I'm with ya on the poncho!

  2. I am so getting that H&M poncho! Its really cute!