Friday, September 17, 2010

Too fat for spandex

Never thought that was possible but I looked down today at my leggings that I wear almost every day and they are ripped. My fat ass totally tore them. Way to make a pregnant girl feel really fat, geez. Oh well I think I am going to be living in my old navy sweat pants till I have this baby. Haven't really snapped out of feeling crappy. Still nauseous and icky feeling. I've been having weird indigestion which wakes me up and keeps me from sleeping. Last night it kept me up so I just sat up in bed for a bit then went to the kitchen to eat saltines and gingerale at about 4am. It seemed to help so I went back to sleep. I feel like a zombie today but I have nothing to do so its not a big deal. Watching tons of cooking shows and I'm pretty sure there could be some churros in my future.

Belly shots for 38 weeks. It ain't pretty......

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