Wednesday, September 22, 2010

is it time yet?

** I thought this was kinda cool to post. I was writing it in bed the night I went into my birthing time. I forgot to post it but its pretty funny and it was the real deal.

I'm laying in bed now. Can't sleep and having some pretty intense birthing waves. I don't know if its the real deal or not but I'm mentally timing them right now. If I have two more ill start writing them down or using my app on my Droid. I don't want to wake Blake yet. I figure he needs some sleep. I had a appt with my midwife today. She took my blood pressure and it was pretty high so she had me lay down and then took it again. It came up totally normal so she told me I have to rest. Its not officially bedrest but I'm not supposed to do much. I've been taking it pretty easy lately but I definitely don't lay down all day. I'm way too ansy but ill manage. Otherwise, the appointment went well. Funny thing when I was laying there she told me I was having a contraction. Except I couldn't feel it. I think I've kinda blocked out all the little aches and pains cause I knew they were nothing. So hoping these are the real deal and its go time but well see. It may just be a false alarm but it is a full moon!!

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