Saturday, September 4, 2010

Me, Blake, and Braxton

Well I can finally say that I've felt true Braxton Hicks. They started today around 11 and haven't stopped. They are super random and not crazy painful. I mean ya they are uncomfortable but I can deal. I was actually a little worried that it was the real deal. I'm pretty sure I am going to say that at least 20 more times till the baby comes cause I can tend to be a bit of a worry wart. It's just hard to know what is real and what is just practice, I mean I have nothing to compare it to. These are just sharp shooting pains in the front that last anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute. There are times they will come every 15 min and other times I won't have one for hours. That's the only reason I'm not totally freaking out.

Blake and I kept pretty busy today which helped to keep my mind off them. We went down to Laguna to check out a gallery but the gallery was closed so we could only do some window peaking. Then we attempted to walk to a coffee shop a friend had told us about. It was a pretty far walk and a lot of up hill. Turns out the coffee shop was closed cause they were on vacation. Seriously some days I shouldn't leave the house. It all worked out, we got lunch at Taco Loco and then some frozen yogurt. We went home for a little while but it was just too hot so we headed down to the beach. Blake surfed for a little bit and I relaxed on the beach. It was so cool and nice down there. Inland is for suckers. Then we went to our favorite Sushi place for dinner. I had a piece of tuna, shhhhhh. It was so damn good. I'm not worried, I trust the place and the small piece I had won't hurt her. As my doula says "happy mom means happy baby."
When I got home I was feeling like shit again so I took a bath. My entire body felt so relaxed and finally pain free. I think birthing in a tub is a really strong possibility now. It's amazing how great it feels to be surrounded by water. You never really realize it till you have the pain. Good to know.

Tomorrow I am having a spa day with Kristin and I cannot wait! I haven't had a massage since I was 15 weeks pregnant so I think I'm due!

I just got an email from my friend Marisa in NY. I guess she was looking through her boyfriends phone and found this picture from a little mini vacation we all went on. Happy NY smile!

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  1. Just to clarify: I was looking at photos in my boyfriend's phone, with my boyfriend:) I'm not the snoopy kind of gal!