Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Packing the bag

I attempted to start packing my bag for the birth center. I know this should be really easy but its not. I thought I had everything but I didn't so I did a target run. I hate/love that place. They have so many fun goodies but in the end I spent wayyyyyyy to much money(I love you Blake-don't kill me) I got some really comfy pants to come home in, not sweat pants but kinda like pj bottoms. Isn't that what moms wear? Oh and a really nice nursing bra. They have an amazing selection there. I'm keeping the tags on till I actually have the baby cause I have no idea how big these suckers are going to get but right now I'm pushing a 38 D so lets hope they don't grow anymore. Plus a really thin robe to wander around the birth center in. This list is practical right?

Ok then I needed pads, ya like maxi pads. I have never in my life bought a pad. I think when I first got my period I did or maybe my mom got them for me. Either way buying them made me feel dirty. So many options of long, with wings, ultra thin, etc. The topper was buying human puppy pads. I don't know the technical name maybe underpads? But the fact they sit right next to the depends made me uncomfortable. I can see it now.I will lay one down on the bed and my dog will pee on it. I've gotten pretty comfortable with the idea of birth but this after thing makes me a little uneasy. They recommend getting Tucks, ew. I didn't buy them cause they have parabans and nasty chemicals in them so I'm hoping there is an alternative. Someone had recommended Earth Mama Angel Spray but I wasn't sure if that was the same thing?

My adventure at Target continued with shoes and a sweater. In the last 9 months I haven't bought myself anything that wasn't 10 sizes too big so I splurged on these really cute boots and sweater. Both are much cuter in person but they made me happy.

Now I need to drag my lazy ass to yoga.

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  1. I have a recipe for a after care "tea" from herbs that you steap. you dribble it on "hospital style" sanitary pads, then put those in the freezer.

    they're wonderful. i loved them! and it has witch hazel in it which is great for the bum!