Monday, January 10, 2011

hair chunks

Olive officially hates to nap. She seriously doesn't want to miss out on a second of awake time. Its making days VERY long for me. I tried three times to get her to nap today and as soon as she hits the bed she wakes up. She won't cry at first but will stare at me and smile while I try to shhhhh her. I leave the room every time and she will just lay there and talk to herself for about 10 min. Then when she gets bored she cries and I have to start over. I finally gave in and swaddled her (I'm trying to get her down without a swaddle for naps) and she slept for maybe 15 min. What to do what to do. Her days are good (besides not napping) and all she wants to do is grab things and stick them in her mouth. She focuses a lot more on hanging toys and will grab and actually play instead of just batting at them. Its amazing how coordinated she has become. If she is reclining in one of her bouncers she can pull herself up which is pretty amazing. Strong little baby.

I'm now at the point where my hair is falling out. My mother in law warned me this would happen and she wasn't kidding. All of a sudden one day I woke up and I could pull my hair out in chunks. Disgusting. The worst part is the entire texture of my hair has changed. When I was pregnant my hair was soft and shiny but now it feels like I didn't wash the shampoo out of it, like there is some nasty buildup in there. It's awful. I seriously want to cut it all off but I don't know if that will help. IF I had balls I would totally cut/dye it like Michelle Williams. She is so damn cute. I had hair like that in high school when I was young and skinny.

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  1. Wow Hi, I could totally copy and paste the last paragraph into my blog word for word. Well, minus the mother in law part, but otherwise I could. I keep complaining about the the build up in my hair. My friend recommended a clarifying shampoo... it didnt help. And about two weeks ago I started asking friends for hairstyles I should try and they all said the one you posted. I knew who Michelle Williams was but had no idea what her hair looked like... but I'm totally going to do it.. but maybe choppier and def. not blonde, cause I already did that route once and that was too much work for me. Sorry this is so long, but I just wanted to say I could totally related about the hair. Mine is ALWAYS up now.