Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Now that I put this out into the world its going to bite me in the ass but fuck it. Olive only woke up once last night at around 4am!!! So so happy, it was a much needed night of sleep. Lets hope I didn't jinx it. She ended up getting up at 6:45 and I fed her in bed, then Blake took her for 45 min while I went back to sleep. Of course she didn't make a peep the entire time for him. Not even 4 months old and she is playing her dad. She just went down for a nap which is now the same thing she did yesterday so hopefully this will become a habit. I'm slowly drinking my coffee and catching up on my blogs which makes me very happy. I can't wait for my mom to get down here so I can take a nice long shower and put makeup on without having to sing the wheels on the bus. I love my little girl but sometimes a non rushed shower can really make a difference.

Yesterday my mom and I went shopping at the Pump Station. I've talked about this store before but I just love it. Of course my mom got Olive a few fun things and I even got a sexy nursing bra. They have a really good selection of Haba toys which I'm finding I really like. I'm hoping to minimize the amount of plastic Olive plays with or at least make sure they are BPA free. It helps that there are so many options out there. Most of the stuff is a bit too old for her but I can't wait to get her this.

Olive is loving Sophie the giraffe so we got her a friend. I think its a mushroom. She chewed on it this morning and poor Sierra was about to have a heart attack from the squeaking. She thinks that anything that squeaks is hers so she was pissed.

I forget where I found this but I subscribed to the newsletters and I've really been loving the little daily readings. This was from the other day.....

There is only YES
by Scott Noelle, posted on 2006-09-14

According to the Law of Attraction, whatever you give your attention to, you attract more of.

That means there's effectively no such thing as NO... There is only YES!

If you tell your child, "No, you may NOT have any candy! It's BAD for you! You shouldn't eat that junk," then you're essentially saying YES to candy by focusing so much attention on it. The more you resist it, the more you're thinking about it, which guarantees more and stronger thoughts about candy (or whatever you're resisting).

The key to happiness in a YES-based universe is to give very little attention to what you don't want, and lots of positive attention to what you do want.

If you truly believe your child is better off without something, then look for something else to say YES to — preferably something even more attractive.

Remember that Life Energy and Unconditional Love are more attractive than any thing.

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