Saturday, January 22, 2011


I'm beyond exhausted but I'm not feeling like bed quite yet. Blake has a headache and went to bed so I'm killing some time in blog land. We had a super long day shopping. Olive was a trooper. We spent like 5 hours in this one shopping center near our house. It was such a beautiful day out so it was nice to wander around outside. I even got to do a little clothing shopping which was fun. Its nice getting more comfortable with Olive while being out and about. I have no problem feeding her anywhere now which took me awhile. I still HATE changing her in public restrooms, its just gross but it works and I have my little system now.

The hard part for me is her schedule. She will take little naps here and there while we are out but she won't take a full on long nap like she should so I always feel like she is going to be all over the place schedule wise. Maybe it doesn't matter, I dunno. I guess at some point she will adjust to whatever lifestyle we have. Still not sure how that works. The last few days of naps have been going really well. Yesterday she took her first 2.5 hour nap. It was wonderful. I baked a cake while she slept which made me very happy.

We took her to a bbq/party tonight. I thought she would just pass out in my moby but she had other plans. The first 15 min she was the life of the party, laughing and smiling at everyone. She has a thing for boys in glasses.

She puked like 5 times tonight. Still have no idea what is wrong with her stomach. She must have some major reflux but that is a whole other issue. All of a sudden she just wasn't having fun anymore and she got super grumpy. I tried everything but she wanted to go home so she won. I managed to get in one beer and half a veggie burger so I guess it was a good night! We did go out last night to a movie while Blake's parents watched her so I can't really complain.

Tomorrow she will be 4 months!!!

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