Friday, January 28, 2011

swaddle and sleep

Last night we tried to put Olive to sleep without a swaddle. It worked for an hour then she woke herself up and was pissed. I think it took another hour or so to put her back down and we ended up using the swaddle. We both tried over and over without it and as soon as she touched down into the bed she screamed. I don't know why I have it in my head that we need to ween her from the swaddle but I guess I just want her to know how to sleep without it. We also bounce her to sleep every night and it works for her but now I keep reading that you need to ween them off that so that they can fall asleep on their own. Although I've read a zillion books and blogs I still have no idea how I can do that cause if I just put her down in her bed and leave her she will scream. I will not let her cry it out I know that for sure. She can fuss and stir but screaming till she falls asleep is not gonna happen. So with that I need to find a way that works. When I was pregnant I was recommended a bunch of books on sleep training. I honestly had no idea there were so many. I bought two of the books, one was the Baby Whisperer and the other was the no cry sleep solution. At the point when I bought the books I didn't know there were different parenting techniques. I'm telling you I've had ZERO baby experience. So anyways last night I picked up the Baby Whisperer book and skimmed through. Problem is I'm like a sponge since I don't know anything so after reading the book I think I'm doing it all wrong. I know most people I talk with will tell me to stay away from any kind of sleep training book and I get that now that I'm reading it but everything is still so confusing. Everyone tells me to just listen to Olives cues and take it from there. Ok I get that to a certain point but I also have no idea what the hell I'm doing. She is 4 months old and can only tell me so much and sometimes when she cries I seriously have no idea what it means. I'm getting better but I'm not perfect. I guess the point is that I'm frustrated and don't really know what to do. At this point I can only pull from what feels comfortable to me and go from there but even then I still don't know. So do I really need to ween her off the swaddle? Am I doing something wrong if she is waking up a few times at night? Am I going to screw her up if I have to rock her to sleep at night? Blaaaa I need a beer.

Enough of that. On a kinda funny/annoying note Olive has been having the hardest time eating. She is totally distracted. In the morning she will sit there and laugh and smile at Sierra the whole time (Sierra sits right above me on the couch like so) Today she was blowing spit at her and laughing and Sierra actually had enough and got up and moved to the other side of the couch. It was pretty funny although semi annoying cause she is so distracted.


  1. If swaddling works, DO IT. If swaddling helps her sleep better, DO IT. There is nothing wrong with swaddling, and from the sounds of it, it's helping her sleep easier. So just do it!

    I have heard of mom's whose children like to be swaddled up past a year. It's not hurting anything, and it's better than them screaming themselves to sleep.

    So my question is this, why do you think she shouldn't be swaddled to sleep?

    Also, in relation to things, 4 months is still very very young. If you were saying "my child is two, and I'm still swaddling.. I think I should look at different sleep solutions." Then I could really understand. But Olive isn't 2, or even 1.. or even half a year old. She's 4 months.
    I suggest sticking with the swaddle. =)

  2. Also... once you think you have the sleeping thing down pat, it will change. She'll have a growth spurt, or start teething hardcore and it will change on you once again.

    My three are all so different in their sleep habits. My 4 year old is so active he has a hard time sleeping. My almost 3 yr old falls asleep fast and wakes up a little too early. lol
    And little girl is up, down, up, down, up, down.
    I'm a firm believer that sometimes it's about survival and this too shall pass.