Thursday, January 6, 2011

sushi, cloth diapers, and the cutest baby ever

Finally got Olive down for a nap. Its such a struggle now as she just wants to be awake all day. Errr.

We had a pretty productive morning. Went to the Farmers Market at the Orange County fairgrounds. I've never been before but it was really nice. All spread out and there were a ton of good vendors. I think the best part of a farmers market is just buying what is in season and then coming up with fun things to cook. There were a ton of moms cruising around and I saw the cutest mom ever. She totally smiled at me. I'm so on the hunt for mom friends but seriously how does one meet other moms without being in mommy and me classes? Luckily Olive passed out in the car so I took her to the market in her carseat. I always feel so awkward doing this since I'm really short and with her carseat in the basket I can't see in front of me so I end up plowing people down. There was just no way in hell I was going to put her in moby and wake her, not after the way her napping has been.

Yesterday started off as a shit day but turned really good. I had a full on nervous breakdown over something totally stupid but you know how that goes. One little thing turns into the biggest deal ever and then everything just builds up and boom you are crying like a crazy person. Yep that was me yesterday. But the good news was after my meltdown I was totally fine, I felt great. Sometimes its all about a good cry. So we ventured out to Granola Babies and I bought a few more cloth diapers. I'm slowly buying them since they are pretty pricey. They have some really cute patterns. These seem to fit Olive really well. Its interesting making the transition but I'm really happy to be doing so. Next step is getting rid of the wipes and using reusable cloths. I figure if I'm going to do laundry I might as well add those to the mix. Someone made a really interesting comment on my blog about the water bill for cloth diapers being really expensive. I had never really thought of that. Since we rent we don't pay water and never have but I wonder if other people have ran into that problem of a really high water bill when adding cloth diapering into the mix?

After our diaper adventure I got some sushi. I was waiting for my order and the girl working there was making small talk with me. A lot of people will stop and ask me about the moby and why I wear it, etc? I always think its such a common thing but people always seem so interested in it. She told me that she had seen a lot of people carrying there babies now and was curious why so I did my best to explain my reasoning. Then she told me that a lot of her friends have kids and she had heard that you weren't supposed to pick up a screaming baby cause it will spoil the baby. I was kinda shocked. Like what devil mom would just sit there and let their baby scream? So I explained (ok maybe ranted a bit) about how I don't agree with that and babies need to be held and crying is their only form of expression. I probably sounded like a total hippy. Its kinda like that girl who was giving me a pedicure and told me that I should only pump milk to give in a bottle cause it will spoil my baby if she only has boob. Having a baby that wants to be held and loves the boob sounds exactly how it should be. Funny people out there. Our adventure continued to Bed, bath, and beyond where the entire staff (I'm not kidding) came over to see Olive. I totally felt like an animal at the zoo but it was really sweet cause they couldn't get over how cute she was.

No more adventures for the day just lots of laundry. So far Olive has been asleep for 45 min. Win! I guess I should eat another meal since Blake is going on a bike ride tonight and probably won't be home for dinner which means no help with Olive and no fancy dinner for me. Booo.

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  1. Cute pics of Olive and to die for adorable cloth diapers....jealous!!!! Oh and I pick up my Evie if she cries. I believe that it helps them to be secure as they grow. My first son whom I picked up and carried a lot is an independant, sweet little 3 year old and I think it was becuase I was there for him.
    I hear you about the odd advice. I was told while getting a pedi when I was preggie this summer to not use the back message as it could could jiggle the baby's head (something crazy like that). I am no expert on baby raising by any means but, It seems like when I go out with two kids people lay off the advise (they might think that I might have things under control) it's when I venture out with the babe that people feel compailed to give their two cents.
    Oh, and I know about feeling like an animal in a zoo....people love babies; it makes them think of the ones they want, the ones they have or the ones they know.