Thursday, January 13, 2011


After my hellish day yesterday I had some much needed friend time. Natalie and her kids came over today for a little visit. We sat on the floor, nursed the babies while we ate taco salad. How many friends can you do that with? Its fun to have a friend with a baby the same age and plus she is on baby number two so its good to see how she does things.

Olive was pretty much the same as yesterday, just a bit on the whiny side but it wasn't awful. She fell asleep on me after feeding and I let her sleep like that for an hour but then I though it would be a good time to try and sneak her into the crib. As soon as I put her down she screamed, not like a little cry but like full on belting it out. I tried to calm her and start all over but not a chance. So tomorrow I am going to swaddle her and try it like that. I had no idea trying to get a baby to nap would be this difficult. I'm glad she is sleeping on me but I would love to have that chance to get some stuff done.

I'm going out to dinner with a friend tonight. I think this is the first time I've actually left Blake with Olive while I go out. Wild me!

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