Tuesday, January 10, 2012

15 month check up

Olive had her 15 month check up today. A little late but I wanted to wait till after the holiday craziness. She still isn't hitting that 20 pound mark and is weighing in at 19.55 pounds. She is 31 inches tall so still tall and skinny. She was a trooper the whole time but got kinda antsy waiting in the room. I had snacks, toys, etc and nothing seemed to be what she wanted. As soon as the nurse or dr came in she switched over to silent Olive and just watched them and everything that they did. She didn't argue or fuss over anything, just watched. I'm pretty sure she was judging them, yep for sure! It was hard to explain to my dr that she is non stop all day long. She got one shot and screamed for a few seconds but was quickly over it. I even gave her a lollipop. It was her first one. She was quite pleased with it.

Since we were out and about I took a little adventure to Plummers to look at my couch since I had never seen it in person. It's a cute little guy but the one on display had some nasty fabric so it was hard to really fall in love so instead I will just stare at the photo. I wandered around and looked at all the pretty stuff while Olive probably gave everyone working there a heart attack cause she was eating her turkey and tomatos (in her stroller and contained but holy shit was the front of her messy) It was still early so we wandered around Irvine Spectrum for a little while since it was so pretty out today.

I just spent the last 3 hours going over our budget and money (or lack of). My head feels like it may explode but I think I really got into the nitty gritty of it and I feel a bit in control. I talked with Blake so we're both on the same page so I'm hoping this will work and we can finally start the process of getting out of debt. I've accounted for every last penny that comes in so there really is no room to go over budget. It would be easier if I had a job and had a little extra coming in each month. Actually it would change everything and we could possibly breath a little. The way I've budgeted there is no breathing room at all but it's not forever. Every month I have the potential to get stock checks which will help a tiny bit. I am also going to commit to working on emailing photo editors at least once a week while Olive naps since any little bit of money will help. I think they hardest part was looking through all our bills and not really seeing anything crazy that we needed to cut, like something that was obvious. Eating out and coffee are kinda our things. We've got our eating out down so low that it will probably only allow one meal out a month which is kinda annoying since I love food and sometimes I need a break from cooking but if it helps us pay credit cards then I have to do it. Otherwise I had to cut our groceries down a bit which will be very interesting. I'm about to get really creative in the kitchen since I'm not willing to sacrifice any of our healthy organic food/cooking. It should all be very interesting but it is what it is and we'll figure it out just fine! Ok Ok the couch will not be happening but I am still going to talk about it all the time so watch out!

I have a feeling this face will come with "mom you totally don't get me" in a few years.

We try to color but after a few scribbles she is usually more interested in eating the crayons.


Morning walk.

Dr's office.

Most of my kitchen utensils end up in the cart.

Such a girl.


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