Friday, January 20, 2012

toddler tantrum

I just rocked Olive back to sleep for the first time in months. It's funny that no matter how big she is she still fits in my arms like a little baby. Just a hell of a lot heavier. She woke up screaming her lungs out and I'm not totally sure why but I'm thinking her teeth are bothering her. One of her bottom and one of her fangs are coming in and she hasn't been too happy about that. She almost has a mouthful of teeth but I guess the good news is in a few months she should have all her teeth and all by 2 years old. Geez! Hope that is all that is wrong as Blake just poked his head in the office and said he felt like he was going to puke. Errrr. Let's hope it won't be a long night.

My mom went home today after a busy week of lots of running around. It always takes me a day or two to get back to reality when she is gone since she helps out so much with Olive. It definitely took some stress off me for a few days and the help was much appreciated. The toddler business is hard work. I feel like its prep for a teenager with all these emotions. One minute she is fine and playing  happily then all of a sudden something happens and it's like the end of the world and she is on the ground melting down in a full on tantrum. Obviously the whole day isn't bad and she has actually gotten to be very independent for the most part but some parts of the day are just hard and long. Ever since Olive got a taste of food she has been a really good eater. On many occasions she would ask for more veggies at dinner and ate like a champ. Lately not so much. She refuses most meals and goes as far as picking up the plate and throwing it. She is so picky with everything. I know its not a matter of her hating what I'm giving her as it's just that she is going through a little stage but it's beyond frusterating. I honestly get the worst anxiety before each meal wondering what type of fit or meltdown is going to happen. I want my happy little eater back. I think its time I get to my bookstore for "The happiest toddler on the block." I swore by "the happiest baby on the block" so I'm thinking it's time. Our naps are also pretty screwy. I went back to two naps a day and it seems to be better for all of us at least this week. She had a good few days of sleeping in till 6am but looks like we're back to 5am wakeups which means a morning nap is a for sure thing. We'll figure it out eventually. This is sure a funny little age...

My mind is full of many things but I think I am going to fill this page with photos instead of words cause I'm tired and a bit cranky.

Sierra had a check up and I brought Olive. It was not pretty.

Tickle Gloves/Book from Marisa.

My mom turned on all the Elmo's at the same time. Happy Olive.

Eating sauce like its soup. All part of the toddler diet. Aka whatever the fuck I wanna eat.

Milk splatter.

Aquarium of the Pacific.

Hard to read but note my dad wrote to my cousin when I visited Israel. I was 17. I wonder if I'm going to think Olive is weird when she is teenager.

Pups waiting for snacks to fall.

Denim twins.

The pose.

She looks like a big kid.

This is the Olive face.

Feeding the ducks aka chasing the ducks.

Meltdown city.

Snuggling on my awkward looking boob.



  2. Hopefully her not eating just has to do with her teething and will go back normal soon!