Friday, January 13, 2012

flat boobs, hormones, and being broke

These are the three things on my mind today or I guess right now. So it's been a week since I weaned Olive and I feel good. Like actually really good. I think since it was so slow I didn't get sad at all. I mean ya it was emotional but I think we had such a good long run that it wasn't a big deal. Especially now that she likes to hug and cuddle a bit more it makes it easy. I'm happy to have that little bit of freedom too. Although the other day I almost lost my mind over a sippy cup of milk that spilled out into my bag. I have yet to find a sippy cup that doesn't leak. My boob would never spill into my bag!

I didn't really know what to expect hormonally either. I kinda figured my face would break out and I would be a super emotional mess since my body was kinda going back to "normal." As of now I feel good and actually really in control of my emotions which I can't say I've felt for a very long time. Things  have been really stressful in these parts financially and got even crazier last night when we added on another student loan payment and car payments that we've been avoiding. Ooops. I mean it is what it is and I keep saying that over and over. Usually I would freak out to no end but I guess because I can't control it and we just have to figure it out I'm calm. I'm also working out and walking every morning and eating less (aka my stomach is in knots so I can't eat) I've actually lost a few pounds and fit into a super old pair of jeans that were just hanging in my closet. So with some bad comes good I guess. I'm just trying to take each moment at a time and try not to get too worked up. So far it's been working out better for me. Of course I will have some shit moments but don't we all.

Ok back to stopping breastfeeding. Ummm my boobs are soooo small. What the hell??? I have always had some pretty good sized boobs but now they are floppy and small. I have hips and an ass so these boobs are kinda important!! When we have some extra money I am in need of some serious bra shopping. I used to joke about those miracle bras with pads but I don't think I will be laughing at those babies anymore since they may be my next purchase. Oh well my boobs served me (or I guess I should say Olive) well so lets hope they don't shrink anymore.

Happy it's friday and the week is coming to an end. Blake and I will be celebrating our 6th anniversary tomorrow. No big plans just keeping it mellow and hopefully trying to sleep since Olive will be off with Blake's family for the night.

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