Friday, January 13, 2012


This article and other ones just like it have been all over the mom news this week. I guess back in the days they would show breastfeeding on Sesame Street but now it's only bottle feeding. It's pretty sad that they took that away. I could care less how you feed your baby but I think it's important that kids know that the boob is totally normal and natural along with a bottle. Not that we should depend on tv to teach our children but a lot of kids watch that show and if they see a mom breastfeeding on tv then that is one more person in the world that will know that it's ok and normal. Seems pretty simple to me. They have a petition going around to bring breastfeeding back to Sesame Street that you can sign if you please.

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  1. It took so long for me to find a big sister book for the little girl I nanny that showed the mother breastfeeding in it. All of them just showed bottle fed babies and explaining how babies get milk from the bottles. Since her mother and I were both expecting we thought she would wonder.
    We found one but of course it was an older book. Now she is an expert on breatfeeding and feeds her animals from her. She even pretends to pump when she "can't get to her skin."