Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The day I dreaded was when Olive started to take one nap. It's not that I don't want to spend all day with Olive but it just broke up the day kinda nicely. It's been about a week or so that Olive started refusing the second nap so I'm guessing that is my sign right? So now I'm not totally sure where to put the nap in the day. She gets pretty tired in the morning and can go to sleep by 9 since she wakes up at 6 but if that is her only nap she has way too much day and will be a total grump all afternoon. So my idea was to go for a nap at noon and eat lunch at 11:30. Sounded pretty good but on the way home from our morning nature hike Olive decided to pass out in the car. Total nap fail cause it was only 10am. I purposely left the house all morning to keep her really busy.  Trying to plan with a child is a total joke so I guess we will try out a few different times till we find out what works. Making changes is always hard cause we kinda had a pretty good schedule going but I guess it's time to change things up again. I've also completely cut her feeding out before bed. So far it's been fine and she doesn't seem to miss it. I am still doing a morning feeding but I will stop that this weekend. I think that will be the hardest one to stop as the morning she is pretty needy and wants nothing more than mama so it will be interesting. I am sad to stop but feel very accomplished that I went over 15 months!!

Since I'm still on my get shit done new years mode I left the house pretty early this morning and we went to Irvine Park to wander around. It was beautiful!! So much pretty light. Olive was happy for awhile then got a bit antsy but usually a few snacks will help with that. She isn't super into sitting in the stroller but we still managed to walk around for over an hour so I guess that is pretty good. I even ran a little and the bugaboo isn't that bad, totally fine for a flat street jog. We did some offroading through the park cause we were totally stalking some peacocks that were wandering around. I saw one and I thought it escaped from the zoo till we came across like 20 others so I'm thinking they just live there. We visited the horses and ducks and saw a bunch of crows that I'm pretty sure wanted to eat Olive. Creepy little fuckers. There were a few people with dogs wandering around but for the most part it was really quiet. I tried to get lost on all the paths but everything kinda loops around so I ended up just going in a couple circles but the place is massive. We stopped to play at one of the many playgrounds for a little while. I'm hoping to go there once or twice a week for walks just to get out. I always get antsy at home and Olive isn't the best at playing by herself either. She spends a little while being totally independent and then when I try to do anything that involves leaving the room she is pretty annoyed and then it just sets her off so the more we can leave the house the better.

She made a horse sound finally! She can do a ton of different animals but never a horse till today!

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