Monday, January 16, 2012

Lazy monday

The weather is kinda sad outside so we're taking advantage and being lazy. Olive actually slept in today till 6:55. It was magical! Since she actually slept in I thought I would try out one nap today if she was in a good mood so I just put her down so fingers crossed she gets a few hours in and this works out. This transition to one nap is tricky as it changes daily. With the early waking she can't quite pull off one nap so we're just trying to figure out what works but since she isn't at all consistent with her wakeup times I'm not quite sure what to do so I guess just one day at a time. She was in such a happy mood this morning and so independent which is really rare. She is usually hanging off my leg all day and if I don't sit and play with her or at least sit and stare at her all day she goes crazy. Like I can't leave the room ever. Today was different and I really think it was the almost 2 hours of extra sleep she got. It seems to make a world of difference. Not to mention I feel great to have slept in and I'm sure Blake feels the same way. We stayed up pretty late last night purging and cleaning. We are still reorganizing our house and cleaning out the garage which is a hell of a project. We moved furniture around yesterday and took some photos to make some cute silhouette art for the family room. Just trying to make everything feel like home. All part of the get shit done 2012. We made a master list last night so I'm hoping each night we can do something from in and get this done as soon as possible. Obviously I could think of a million things I'd rather be doing (um mario bros on wii) but the sooner we kick ass at checking things off the list the sooner we can just enjoy and relax.

We celebrated our anniversary on Saturday and it was a lot of fun and very low key. We dropped Olive off with Blake's family and then went and got some lunch. We made a quick stop at Ikea for a frame (I know the romance is just oozing out of us) then went and saw the girl with the dragon tattoo (so so good). We didn't plan on going to dinner but ended up grabbing some quick sushi on the way home. Of course we stopped for some frozen yogurt which is totally our weakness. Then we relaxed in our pjs and watched the help. We even got to sleep in till 8:30!! It was simple but really nice.

This week my mom is coming out and we get to go to the Long Beach Aquarium which I'm so excited about! And of course we get to eat yummy meals which is always great!

playing with ice.


Veggie burgers with grilled onions/mushrooms, and arugula (forgot buns=fail). Brussell sprouts and sweet potato fries.

Anniversary Lunch. Pulled Pork and Root Beer for me. Veggie Sandwich and Ginger ale for Blake.

The girl with the dragon tattoo!! Seeing a movie is like a once in a year thing for us.

Amish pj's and frozen Yogurt.

I found this in an old cookbook. My bff Kat wrote it and I'm guessing it was around 1999 ish. It made me laugh so hard. My gosh things were simple back then.

My shoes.

My little collector.

Music and reading. I tried to show her my dance to the song that was on and I'm pretty sure I got my first eye roll from her.

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