Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gimme wine

You know those stupid nights where you lay in bed and just think and think?? Ya well I had one of those last night. I didn't even mean to but it all started with some crazy ass dreams about dead bodies and some brutal body parts. Not cool at all. Once I was awake I couldn't stop thinking about my crappy dreams so I tried to take my thoughts elsewhere which was a bad idea cause it kept me up all night. I was thinking about our financial situation and my plan for it. I had some really good ideas at 3am and I think even a solution to get out of debt so I guess the all nighter was kinda a good thing. Just so tired right now.

The weekend flew by way too fast. We had a nice Saturday and kept it pretty quiet. We hung out at the OC art mix for lunch, coffee, and the farmers market. We ran into a few friends and wandered around a bit. Olive did laps around the place and I'm pretty sure touched every square inch. Sometimes her energy is beyond anything I've ever seen before. We were on a way out and Olive was running and somehow tripped over the sidewalk and did a full on somersault on her face. She cried for a few minutes but was pretty unaffected for the most part. Her face is pretty banged up but already this morning I can see it starting to crust over and heal. Gotta love that baby skin.

Today was my friend Natalie's birthday so we met up with her and a few friends at one of the wineries in Temecula to have a little picnic with the kids and celebrate. The weather was perfect and the place was empty. Blake was totally super dad and pretty much watched Olive most of the day so I could chat with my friends which was so awesome. There were a few other kids but she was still more interested in playing by herself or being with Blake. Her little friend Gavin was there who is the same age and they didn't have much interest in each other either. She kept tearing her clothes off all day which is kinda becoming  her new thing. It was pretty funny since we were among friends but this could get interesting in public places. Such a funny kid. It was a wonderful day and I am beyond tired!!!

Morning walk, Elmo head.


Kinda impressed with all the colors she used.

She dumped the chalk out and put it back over and over again.

Sonia and Kat came for a visit on friday night. Sonia just started solids so it was pretty cute to watch her go to town on some avocado.

Sonia is fascinated by Olive and how wild she is since she is the so happy and mellow.

Love this little girl (and Kat too)

No more nursing=coffee all day long.

We all wore brown shoes.

Battle scars.


After. It will looks so good with my new couch that I will get one day!!!

Bastard dinner.

Her hair is getting super out of control lately.

Falling asleep on me cause we tried to keep her awake till our car ride to Temecula.

Gavin and Olive.

Kids and Blake.

Blake, Olive, Nolan, and Alison.

Helping Natalie blow out all 33 candles on her cake!!

Natalie, Alison, Nathan(hiding) and me.


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