Tuesday, January 24, 2012

rainy day

Since its a lovely rainy day here it totally make me think about rainy days in elementary school. Since I grew up in southern California we maybe had like 2 rainy days a year but they always had the same feeling and smell. I know weird but I can remember the feeling like it was yesterday. Lunch time all the rooms were opened up so you could walk indoors all around. It was the only time you could really explore like that. There was always a game of heads up 7up that we played after we were done eating. And of course a movie. They would wheel those big ass tvs on the tray in. I'm sure we watched different movies but all I can remember is the Never Ending Story. Isn't is funny the things that just kinda stick out in your childhood? Hmm I wonder if I can get Olive to sit through a movie.

The weekend was pretty mellow and we actually didn't do much. We were supposed to go to a birthday party on Saturday but it got canceled due to a sick little birthday girl. We ended up getting invited over to a friends house for dinner so it all worked out. Olive was a total trooper and ended up staying up till past 9:30 partying right along with us. Then she hit that wall of get me the hell out of here and so we did. The night was so fun and the food was so delicious so sometimes an unexpected get together with friends is the perfect thing. Sunday we had planned on a bike ride but Blake started feeling sick. Turns out he has a cold. Major boo. Let's just hope we can stay well. Today is pj's and watching the rain. Olive doesn't understand why she can't play in the backyard and she is not happy about it. Let's see if I can figure out how to entertain her for the next 7 hours till Blake gets home.

I've been so excited and motivated about kickboxing. So hoping I don't get sick!!

Chocolate chocolate cookies. Yum!

Look we hung the mirror!

Shitty pic but we made silhouette art. This is the perfect thing to do if you are bored with walls and can't afford new art.

Olive the party animal.

Lauren and Olive.

Wearing the oven mit on her foot.

Dave and Olive. Seriously this box was the best form of entertainment.

Dave just happened to have some fireworks. Olive is a huge fan!

Olive making phone calls on Adam's phone.

We're really into layering our bathing suits over things.

Creepy doll.

Setting up her new table.

More boxes.

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