Thursday, January 5, 2012


Today is Thursday which means swim class, or so I thought. When I drove into the parking lot there were barely any cars and when I peeked inside there was all this construction everywhere. Um clearly I did not get the memo. I quickly texted my friend Alisa to see if she got the heads up and she did not either. So I decided that being in swimsuits should not be wasted on such a beautiful day. Luckily Alisa agreed so we headed to my house and rounded up some snacks and random beach goodies for the kids and we were off. Look at us being spontaneous moms and shit. We certainly lucked out as the weather was just as beautiful as it was the day before but this time I think people caught on as there were a few more people laying out. The waves were still massive and surfers were everywhere. On the way there I jokily texted Blake that he should bring us lunch and you know what, he did!!! I guess it's a slow week at work and he got everything done. Aka he works for the biggest surf company in the world so I'm pretty sure the excuse "the waves are really good" actually works in this situation. I'm gonna go ahead and guess the place was pretty empty. Either way we got sandwiches and Blake got in a second surf for the day.

We ended up meeting up with Katie and Kylie too. It was pretty cute as all three of our kids are days apart and they are all the exact same weight and height. All tall and super skinny. We laughed about the %'s and how they are barely even on the chart for weight and then they are on the top for height. I'm not sure where the average comes from but all three of our kids were breastfeed well over a year and eat pretty darn healthy so just makes me wonder how those numbers work ya know?? It's funny to watch the two girls together since they are so so similar. Whenever I think my child is doing something strange I can always guarantee Kylie does it too which kinda makes me feel sane. They are both really into hugging each other and happily shared treats. Gabriel on the other hand is a little more reserved and is so not into lady hugs. Olive tried to manhandle him at the pool a few weeks back and he was not thrilled at all. Both the girls took off in different directions down the beach and wandered where he stayed a bit closer to mom. Gabriel and Olive did kick and grab the ball with each other for a bit which was pretty cute but they are still not totally all into playing yet. I think in a few months they will be a little more. I seriously didn't want to leave but it was getting late and I didn't want Olive to fall asleep too late since I knew as soon as we got in the car she would be out.

So far January you kinda rule!

Nice outfit choice. Oh and look at her first skinned knee.

Olive and Kylie.

Olive and Gabriel.

"Gimme some of those pretty locks."

This might be one of my most favorite photos ever.

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