Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beach in January

Remember that one time I said Olive was ready for one nap? Major fail on that for sure. She successfully took two naps today at her normal times. I think she is just fucking with me now. No complaints for two naps but it makes it very difficult to plan anything ya know? I'm not exactly sure what happened this afternoon but after she woke up from her second nap she was PISSED at the world. For over an hour she clung to me and screamed bloody murder if I put her down. I let her water my flowers with the hose which is her favorite thing in the world and even that pissed her off. It was bizarre. We snuggled on a blanket on the grass for a bit and managed to eat a few snacks between tears but this little one was not happy. After about 30 min of holding her my arms were about to fall off so I put her in my ergo and she kept grabbing my neck and hugging me. Maybe something hurt, I dunno but she wasn't happy for at least an hour straight. Then all of a sudden she wanted out of the ergo and she was fine the rest of the night. Strange kid and a super exhausted mom.

The rest of the day was awesome. We met up with Lauren and her kids at the beach. You know cause January is the new July and it was at least 75 out. There was a huge swell so there were surfers on and off the beach all day. Totally felt like a summer day. I took Olive down to the water for a little while to put our feet in but I'm learning that just means Olive is going to go swimming and I'm going to end up wet as well. First off just because the weather is warm does not mean the water it. It was freezing to the point that it hurt when you stood in it long enough. I could hardly take it but Olive was ready to take a swim to Catalina. She screamed at me when I didn't let her run towards the wave and did not want to be picked up like when she was a baby. She was beyond excited when a wave knocked her footing and she fell on her butt. This summer is going to be hysterical trying to stop her from going in the water. At least it will be much warmer. We played on the beach for a few hours, chased the kids around, chatted, and snacked till it was nap time for the kiddos and we headed home. I hope there are more beach days in the near future cause it was so much fun! I am totally exhausted from the salty air. Isn't is weird how it does that?? I mean my day wasn't exactly stressful or exhausting by any means but the beach sure makes you feel tired.

"Break it down."


2012 is all about visualizing what you want or printing it out and playing make believe.

No snack is safe from Olive.

Early morning walk.

She won't smile when I ask her but she will make a "silly face."

And this is what our afternoon looked like. It's not all sunshine and oceans......

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  1. The ocean here is always freezing like that. It aches your feet! Your beach trip looks fun. I'm glad she got out of her funk