Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super kids

Have you ever heard of Music with Marnie??  I've been meaning to write about the magical powers of the album "Super Kids." When Olive was little and we went on car rides she was pretty satisfied with the Pandora Raffi station or even my music. A little after she was a year old she started getting really antsy and car rides were pretty miserable. But then I discovered Marnie. While I kinda want to punch her in the face cause I can't get one of her songs out of my head I also LOVE this women. Not that I've done it but I could probably play the album over and over for 8 hours and Olive wouldn't make a peep. It's bizarre. You know on that movie Josie and the Pussycat where the evil record label people hid messages in the songs for people to shop or something (totally can't remember what but it was something along those lines) I think Music with Marnie does this but in a good way. A few days ago after a long car ride and on the verge of a mental breakdown from too much Marnie I downloaded another album and she hated it. She screamed when I put it on and wasn't happy till I put Super Kids back on. I'm telling you it's really strange. The songs are really cute, simple and actually pretty fun. The most important part is Olive loves it and I'm guaranteed a happy car ride as soon as I put it on. Today after the zoo I even sat in the car for 15 min checking emails while she listened and didn't make a sound so score for me! I swore I would never be that mom bumping 5 little monkeys but I am.......

Speaking of monkeys we went to the zoo today with Katie and Kylie. Olive and Kylie are only a few days apart. So cute to see them together as they are exactly the same size. They both have endless amounts of energy so most of the day was spent chasing them. We saw a few animals and rode the carousel. Katie and Kylie had to head home for a nap but we ended up sticking around and playing on the playground for a bit and having the most amazingly greasy grilled cheese ever. Of course Olive only took a few bites and was more interested in the oranges that came with it. One day she will learn grilled cheese is quite possibly the worlds most perfect food. She is getting so independent on the playground. Usually I follow her up the stairs and to the slide. I'm totally freaked out she will lean over and fall down on one of the openings. Lately she has been really good about staying away from the edges and just exploring. I even took a seat on the benches while she moved sand around and watched the other kids. Pretty crazy watching her become a little human.

The grilled cheese.

Kisses (stolen from Katie)

High Five (stolen from Katie)

She wanted Katie to hold her hand too.

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