Thursday, October 14, 2010

3 weeks

Its 11am and there has been no meltdowns! We got up at 8 so it hasn't been that long but usually after a feeding she gets pissy but she has been so good. I don't want to jinx it but its so much better than the last 2 weeks which were HELL! Of course she has her moments like last night at 2am she just wanted to eat and eat and not sleep but if that is the worst then I can handle it. Today it seems like she is more alert and really looking at me. Usually I just feel like she sees me as a huge boob (which I am) but today she has been really looking at me. Its so damn cute. She also lets me hold her over my shoulder which she never did before. It also seems like when I hold her now it soothes her. She is becoming a little human!

I've also found that if I put music on and sing she loves it. Even when there is no music I just sing anything and she seems to like it. Poor thing. Today our soundtrack is Pete Yorn and Neutral Milk Hotel. Ya super random. I haven't listened to Pete Yorn in years. Reminds me of being in art school. My friend Tamar and I were obsessed with him. Silly kids. I always thought that was the hardest time in my life (art school). I mean looking back it was super super crazy intense but being a mom takes the cake on this one.

My favorite Neutral Milk Hotel song. Another band that takes me back to being young and stupid. I "dated" this guy and he introduced me to this band. He was the biggest weirdo ever but super good looking and covered in tattoos (which I think is why I liked him) Ah to be superficial and young, miss those days. Anyways love this band.

So now its 10pm and I'm finally getting around to posting this blog entry. My mom came down again and I was able to run around and do some errands. I'm still not pumping so I was only able to be gone for 2 hours at a time. So I would come home, feed her and run back out. Tomorrow will be another errand day and hoping to find time for a pedicure or foot massage. I've never actually had a foot massage but it sounds so amazing.

Hoping for a good nights sleep and that my lovely husband makes me me a cappuccino in the am before work!

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