Friday, October 15, 2010

Wild friday

I love how I thought friday was going to be a nice mellow day at home. I woke up and looked over at Olive and her eye was covered in green puss. Ya awesome way to wake up. Of course I freaked out and thought the world was going to end. Just not the right way to start the morning. Besides her eye I was feeling like hell and was planning on calling my dr. I've thought that I had thrush for about a week now but kept putting it off. So most of the day was spent waiting for dr's to call back. I managed to escape for a pedicure since my mom is down. I think she needed to get rid of me for a bit so I would stop standing over Olive and freaking out.

So finally Olives dr called back and said they could see her so we raced over there. Our normal dr wasn't there so we got the other who shares the office which I liked a million times more than my regular dr. Is it really shitty to start seeing the other dr? Like is there some moral code to that? Anyways she said that she had a blocked eye duct that was infected and prescribed her some drops. I had her check her for thrush and she said it was hard to tell cause her tongue wasn't super coated but when I told her it had been over 2.5 hours since I fed her (I guess her tongue was coated too much for going that long) she said it was most likely thrush so another prescription. She also has a diaper rash that won't quit but she didn't seem too alarmed by that. My poor little girl. So I'm hoping to see my dr and get treated as well. I'm self medicating thanks to the good ol internets. I guess I can use Lotrimin in the meantime till I get some cream. So basically I'm rubbing jock itch cream on my boobs. So in between feedings I'm rinsing my boobs with water and vinegar and applying jock itch cream. So sexy!

I can't believe how tired I am. Barely got any sleep last night and today really took a toll on me and my body is feeling it. I went to the pharmacy to fill the prescription and since I had never been I had to give the guy my address to enter in the computer. No joke I stared at him for like 5 min and told him I couldn't remember. I lied and said I just moved there. For the life of me I couldn't remember my address. It was like that part of my brain just shut off. Who does that? So when I went to pick it up I explained to the pharmacist I had a newborn. He laughed and told me he had a one year old and can totally relate. I still felt dumb. I mean really, who forgets their address.

Little Olive is doing fine. Her eye doesn't seem to bother her and she was really good when we put the drops in. The mouth stuff is pretty nasty but again she is really good. I don't think she is in any pain or is bothered by the thrush. I just hope this stuff works and we get this under control. I am so ready to breastfeed and not be in pain.

This is what my wild friday looks like.

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  1. thrush can keep a diaper rash going. can you sun her bum? yeast hate sun. =)