Thursday, October 21, 2010

thrush 2 jenn and olive 0

Errr the thrush has got us good. I finally got a lactation consultant to come out today and it was the best thing. I ended up calling Milkalicios and the most wonderful women came out today. I made the appt online which made it very easy. I didn't have to sit on the phone and answer a million questions. The whole site is really cute and I imagine the store is adorable but I haven't been there yet. They offer some really cool classes that I'm hoping to take after she is a little older and I can take her out (ya I'm still crazy paranoid about germs) She took a look at Olives mouth and said she had the thrush pretty good so she recommended a treatment course that she sends to mine and Olives dr. How easy it that. Now lets just hope it works cause I seriously can't handle another day of this. And poor Olive has to be in pain. The stupid meds the dr gave her are not working at all. Its been a week and nothing. So waiting to call the drs and get on this. During her visit she also looked at my latch and we're doing it right. I just didn't want the pain to be coming from a latch problem but I think its all thrush on this one. Overall the visit was great and I really feel more confident and ready to kick this thrush in the ass.

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