Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sleepy Saturday

Finally sitting down for 30 min to write here. Olive is in her lamb swing and Blake is in the shower so I have about 30 min till the next feeding to type. Olive is doing great, still trying to figure out the whole eating thing. I've been feeding her every 2.5-3 hours but I think I might try every 2 hours and see if that helps her need to want to suck right after a feeding. I feel like she is getting enough at each feeding but after she is done she keeps rooting. I know I know I should give her a pacifier but we're gonna wait a bit cause she can still be soothed with other things. Still trying to learn but I think overall she is a pretty good baby. Evenings are a little rough and she gets fussy but I read that its pretty normal.

We have been obsessed with "The happiest Baby on the Block" book. The author is a genius. So far it has worked for us during bedtime. We swaddle, swing, and shhhhhh and it works! I think him and Ceaser Milan (Dog Whisper) are my heroes. Anyways I recommend this book and dvd to all parents. We watched the dvd before Olive was born and it didn't quite make sense. You have to experience a meltdown to really appreciate it and understand. So now we're both reading the book and hoping we can use all the techniques and make them work for us.

Still adjusting to being a mom. I have so much respect for mom's that go back to work. I cannot imagine doing that right now. I mean its constant baby this baby that. I've been able to get stuff done and shower because Blake is home but he goes back to work next week and I think its going to be very interesting. Today I am going to perfect my Moby wrap so I can carry her around the house and do stuff.

Time to write out my birth story before I forget any details......

Oh and more photos. If I repeat myself or photos I apologize, a little sleepy....

When I was pregnant and we were still deciding between the names Milo and Olive Blake bought both domain names. So if you wanna see more Olive photos check it out.

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