Sunday, October 17, 2010

yay sleep

Guess who got a really good nights sleep?? MEEEEEEEE! I hope this is a pattern we can continue. Last night was probably the best night so far. We only had to bust out one of the S's to get her down. I fed her 2 times last night and each time after I put the swaddle on her she was out! She even slept a 4 hour stretch last night. I mean I probably only got like 4-5 hours (maybe) total sleep but I will take it. I've been eating super bland dinners and I'm wondering if that is helping? During the day she doesn't seem to be affected by food but at night I'm thinking she gets a little sensitive. I dunno as long as she sleeps I'll eat anything that helps. I just want to get done with the meds and get over all this eye and thrush crap. She seems good so I'm thinking the thrush isn't causing her any pain since she eats like a champ. As for me I'm still in terrible pain, it seems to be worse today which I'm not sure why but I see my midwife on monday so hopefully she can give me something to help. She wanted me to use Olives meds on the boobs so I'm doing that but the stuff is like putting maple syrup on and it dries kinda like super glue so if fabric touches it then it tears my nipple off. Lovely huh? So I can't wear breast pads or even free ball it with a shirt on, wayyyy too painful. But its freezing out so my mom had the genius idea of cutting holes for my boobs in a shirt. I wish I could post a photo cause its hysterical but at least I'm warm! Well, that is the boob update for the day.
Oh and when Olive went to the dr friday she weighed in at 9 pounds, 4 ounces. My little chunker gained a pound in a week.

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  1. what about covering up with a bit of saran wrap so bra/shirt won't rub, and just before feedings, wash/peel off with a warm, moist towel compress? OR use medical tape to tape down those half-dome rubber popper things from the 25¢ machines? :) yuka