Monday, October 4, 2010

Rainy Monday

Yesterday my family came down for a visit along with my friends Kat and Nick. It was nice to have everyone visit and play with Olive. I'm finally starting to feel human again so I'm able to have short visits. Its just hard cause with the feedings and I'm not quite comfortable feeding in front of people yet. Not shy but I haven't quite mastered how to feed and not have my boobs flop all over the place. In time I will get it down but not quite yet.

Today Blake is back at work and my house is empty. Its been kinda strange, not totally sure what to do with myself or with Olive. We spent the morning walking around the house, when she is awake she loves to look around, hates when I sit. Then I put on some music and sang to her. Poor thing, I have a terrible voice but she seems to really like it. I guess she spends most of the day eating. As soon as I'm done I feel like its time to feed again. Also I have no idea how much she is supposed to sleep, I don't want her to sleep too much so it screws up nighttime but I feel like she is so new and must need to sleep a lot of the day right? She has been pretty good, she had a few minor meltdowns but it never lasts more than a few min. I've found that if I sit on my birth ball and just bounce a little she immediately calms down. I wonder if its because during the last few months when I was pregnant I sat on that thing all the time. I tried to put her in the Moby and that didn't work out so well. Still need someone to help me get her in that thing although putting it on is actually really easy. We practiced swaddling. I always make Blake do it in the middle of the night so I figure I should get it down too. She totally responds to that so its a good tool to have. I just put her in the lamb swing and she seems to really like that. Its time for her to eat but she is sleeping so I'm wondering if I can hold off for another 30 min before she gets too pissy. She just seems so happy swinging in that thing.

My brother in law Evan stopped by to bring me some lunch and visit the little critter but the rest of the day I think were just going to be really mellow. I have a bunch of crappy Bravo tv shows on my tivo and its raining so maybe I should just snuggle up and be lazy! I feel so guilty turning on the tv with her, like I should only have music on. Silly I know since I doubt she cares.

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