Friday, October 29, 2010

Grumpy Gus

Longest day of my life, cannot wait for Blake to get home, I need a break. Olive has been the grumpiest gus ever! The first part of the morning all she did was whine so I just let her pass in and out of sleep then by the afternoon she was in full on grump mode. She was making hungry head after I fed her so I finally gave into the pacifier which I hate. I swore she would not get that during the day. Errr hating myself for this one. She wouldn't let me put her down either which was super fun. Somehow as soon as you become a mom you can make a sandwich one handed, do laundry, go pee, etc all while holding a baby. Then to top the day off she shit all over me and across the room while I was changing her diaper. It was actually pretty funny but really gross. So finally I put her in the moby with hopes of her taking a really long nap. Success!

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