Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love coffee

I'm back on coffee and I couldn't be happier, I feel like a new person and best of all I don't find that it does anything to Olive!

I can't believe it's almost been 2 weeks. I can't tell if it went by really fast or really slow. I mostly feel like a zombie although last night was a really good night. She slept for 4 hours before a feeding and then went another 3 till her next feeding so I feel lucky. I am still tired since I'm not really fully sleeping but I guess it could be worse. We've figured out a system that has been working for us. It starts with a nice tight swaddle, then a swing (part of the 5 s's) then we put her down and blast that white noise. It has worked every night so far. She occasionally makes a few whimpers but then I just reach over and move the co sleeper and it seems to put her right back to sleep. I so hope this continues. She is a total grump in the evening and just wants to be on the boob all night. I read this is normal and its usually a crappy time for babies. We're still not doing a pacifier but I think after this week is over we might try and introduce it.

I've been meaning to make a list of things that I like or have worked for me but I still think I'm trying to figure it out. My cousin is pregnant and she told me that I have to start keeping record of these things. I know how helpful it was when I was pregnant that my friends sent me lists of things that they used or just loved. Of course every baby is different but its a good starting point.

First off the whole after care thing. Someone had suggested this spray to me and I am so glad they did because it's amazing. Its a bit pricey but seriously worth it.

We have every kinda jumper, bouncer, and rocker and we still haven't really figured out what she likes yet but the one thing I can't live without is this. I drag it all over the house so I can cook, take a shower, etc. I guess any rocker, bouncer would work but this one is really light and its portable.

Another super random thing are disposable changing pads. A friend had recommended them and I thought it was just so wasteful but after you change a few diapers and have explosions, pees, and spit ups and have to keep washing changing pads it gets old. I won't use them forever, just till I get the hang of things and she isn't crapping like 10 times a days.

Also blankets, swaddles, and burp rags. You cannot have enough of these. I was totally overwhelmed with the amount people bought me but honestly there is never enough. Have I mentioned how much laundry a baby makes? So far we have only found one type of blanket that works for a swaddle and its the Carter's blankets (that come in a 4 pack). When I say we I mean Blake, I haven't quite perfected the swaddle but we've tried everything and so far the Carters are the best.

I mentioned this in another post but my birth ball (aka exercise ball) is magic. Any meltdown is cured as soon as we bounce on this. No idea but I don't care cause it works. Plus I'm totally going to need it to tone up my flabby abs.

This is just the start of my list. I will add on as I go. Cuzzy this is for you!

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