Saturday, October 9, 2010

i hate 3am

Rough night but it was kinda my fault. I had a coffee drink yesterday around 2 and I think it made her really irratated by the time we went to bed at 10. Although That seems like a realty long time but I can't pinpoint anything else I ate That would of pissed her off. Either way getting her to sleep sucked. We actually tried a pacifier For the first time. I felt so sad like she was losing her virginity or something. I know that's pretty dramatic but it makes me feel weak cause it was kinda the last resort. Oh well it kinda worked. After trying a bunch of times to put her down combined with the pacifier She just kept waking up and crying So I fed her. When I removed the swaddle I realized the was super hot and sweaty which I'm sure wasn't helping. So after a good feeding and a naked swaddle she was out with the help of the pacifier which she spit out after a few minutes. The rest of the night was fine but when She woke up for her next feeding she had a leaking diaper. Not a big deal but I had to change it before the feeding knowing she was Just gonna poop after a few more min. At 3 am This sucks alot. I had to wake Blake to swaddle cause she was fussing and after I tried a few tines I could not get her swaddled. I felt tired tears happening. Blake is assisting today and yesterday so He wanted to get some sleep and not be up changing diapers. Minus having to be swaddled twice he Got to sleep all night. So jealous. I feel like at one point in the night I woke up (opened my eyes) and was sitting up looking into the Co sleeper. It was so strange. I don't remember how I got There or why I was doing that. Lack of sleep is a funny thing.

Time to get up and face the day. My mom is leaving, Blake is going to work and a friend is popping by for a visit. Gonna try espresso again and hope it doesn't piss her off if its early enough.

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