Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Hour

Sitting outside in my backyard at my absolute favorite time of the day. Happy hour time except no drink for me. Although I could really go for a Hef right now. Yummmm Olive is sitting in her little yellow rocker enjoying the sun. She keeps smiling and dozing in and out.

My friend Tamar came for a visit which was wonderful. Olive loved her. (I stole this photo from her Twitter since it will be days till I get to my photos)

Still no luck on a lactation consultant. I spoke to another one today but she won't come to Santa Ana. I guess people don't like money, geez. She gave me some really great tips about trying to get her to latch on properly and I've fed her twice since I talked to her and it seemed to be better. Still need to work on it. She also said it could be thrush which I keep thinking about. She told me to put baking soda and water on them. I also read olive oil will cut the yeast. I'll try anything but we'll give it a few days.

So looking forward to sunday when Blake will be home and we can make pancakes and have a relaxing morning with Olive. Maybe he will even let me sleep in!


  1. also if it's thrush, cut out any sugar as yeast thrives off it.

    have you tried a local la leche league meeting?

  2. I still don't know if its thrush. I just looked up la leche meetings but the site was so confusing so I need to call tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!