Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This has nothing to do with babies or anything but I was so excited when I saw this website today. I never got to eat at Milkbar when I lived in NY but I was lucky enough to eat at Noodle Bar and Ma Peche ( where I got to try many of the sweets). The cornflake cookie will change your life, no joke. I'm attempting the chocolate malt cake for thanksgiving (not for sale on the site) with Blakes family and the crack pie for my family so we'll see.I have the cookbook but I've yet to try any of the actual food. For my birthday (which is in a few week) I would like to be flown to NY and enjoy the fried chicken dinner with all of my friends. Ok good.

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  1. Jenn! Chad brought me home a slice of crack pie last week and it was ridiculous. It took me two days to eat the whole slice, it was so rich, and here's the kicker.. it took two days even with Chad's help. Good luck in your baking! Also, Olive is looking just so so sweet.