Saturday, November 13, 2010

Its only the afternoon and I feel so exhausted. We had a fun little adventure out today for a few hours. We attempted a Farmers Market in Irvine but the whole things was bizarre and there was like one booth so we left. There seems to be a ton of farmers markets on saturday but I still can't get my shit together to get out of the house early enough. After that we headed back to Santa Ana to check out a gallery show. One of my favorite artists, Joe Sorren has a show going on. Olive slept through the whole thing which sucks cause I think she likes him. We have a print of his over the couch and she always stares at it when I'm feeding her. Nap time was way more important. Since she was passed out in the Moby (yes I finally figured that thing out) we got lunch at Memphis. Eating a pulled pork sandwich with a baby strapped to your chest is serious hard work but I managed. Fun day so far. I love the weekends!

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