Monday, November 15, 2010

first shots

Olive had her first shot today, the first round of dtap and rotavirus drops. She screamed but I immediately put her on the boob and it was like it never happened. I love that her dr just tells me to whip them out and feed her there. I'm guessing not all dr's do that since her other one definitely didn't take the time to do much. Its nice cause it gives me a chance to actually talk and go through my huge list of crazy mom questions. So far Olive is doing fine. When we got home from the dr's I fed her again and then we took a nice long nap. I got the flu shot today so I was feeling funny but then realized I didn't have coffee today so that is why I feel crappy. She was pretty fussy the rest of the night but then passed out while Blake and I got to catch up on Dexter. She went to sleep pretty easily so I'm hoping we will have a good night and no fever!

I'm feeling pretty mentally exhausted today. I have a stack of crap on my desk that I need to get done and really no time to do it. I get little things done here and there during the day but I can only do so much between her naps and laundry and dishes usually take priority. I could catch up now but its almost 10 and I'm exhausted so that isn't going to happen. I really want to send some emails out and try to get back into shooting. Not that I want to work at this very moment but its more a need at this point but to sit down at my computer and send out emails to clients is near impossible. I feel guilty sticking her in a rocker and working, I mean of course I have to occasionally throughout the day in order to eat or when she naps (although I've been trying to use my moby for naps) but from everything I've read it seems so important to carry them and have that contact instead of just sitting them in a rocker all the time.

Back to the shots I was annoyed to find out that the dtap doesn't actually work till the 2nd or 3rd round which will be in another month or two. I've been really cautious with people holding her and I know most everyone around me thinks I'm nuts but I just can't imagine her getting sick. Its just so stressful with the holidays coming up and being around a ton of people. And add flu season to that! I know I can't protect her from everything but I just hope people won't be jerks and will know not to be around her if they are sick. I know that sounds obvious but some people just don't care.

I guess I should get some sleep while I can.

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