Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ashley and Steve

Ashley and Steve came for a visit on friday. They live in NY but were here visiting family for the holiday so we got to spend the day with them. I can't even tell you how happy I was to see Ashley and to have her finally meet Olive. As if seeing them wasn't exciting enough they had gotten engaged the night before so we really had something to celebrate! They took the train up from San Diego in the morning and we went to lunch at Bear Flag. Had to get in some good fish/kinda mexican food before going back to NY. Then we dropped Olive off with Blakes family so we could grab a drink. I'm still getting used to being out and having to pump (and dump) while someone gives her a bottle. I'm getting better at it but its still strange. After our drink we went back to get the critter and hit up a happy hour back in Santa Ana. We actually go for the food but I did get to sneak in another beer. I don't know how people felt about me having Olive in the bar. I had her in the moby and she was passed out the whole time. Its absolutly normal in Brooklyn but here it might be a little strange. It wasn't like we were throwing back shots or anything but I felt a few looks. Fuck em! Olive was so good, I am really loving the moby although eating with it is kinda tricky and I manage to spill on her every time but she doesn't seem to mind. Anyways the night ended back at the house playing our favorite dice game. We used to always play back in NY before we went out for the night. It was so fun to see them. I miss my Ashley so so much and having her here for a day was just so wonderful!

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