Monday, November 8, 2010

Hello week 7

Olive is taking a nap so I had time to make lunch, do laundry, and catch up on the blog. Saturday we ran around and did some errands. Olive was so good the whole time! Sunday was pretty lazy and we didn't leave during the day. My friend Tamar came down at night and we all went to dinner. Her and Blake are on a photoshoot today so she spent the night. Olive was really good and didn't make any noise last night! She is starting to sleep a bit more at night. She can usually go about 5 hours. I'm hoping she will go a bit longer but I'll take what I can get now. She is going down to bed so much easier now. I rarely have to do anything but turn on the white noise and swaddle her. Yay! According to a graph in the happiest baby on the block this is going to be the worst week for her as far as being cranky but lets hope not. Starting to take her out of the house a little more but still being pretty cautious till she gets her shot next week. The weather has gotten cool so I know cold and flu season will be here soon so I want to be careful. I actually feel like I have a bit of ick but I'm hoping its just allergies. I took so much crap with thrush that I'm hoping my body doesn't fight back and make me sick. I have the most awful immune system. I think the thrush is on its way out. Breastfeeding is finally more comfortable and almost pain free. She still has a diaper rash from the thrush which makes me think its still kinda there. I'm keeping her on her meds a few more days then I'm going to see where we are but I do feel much better.
I see hungry head from Olive so its time to go.

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