Tuesday, November 9, 2010

baby esp

i've been using an app to keep track of everything Olive. I used to write down all her feedings with the times and how long she was feeding. It was more to keep track of how often she was eating cause honestly those first few weeks were a total blur and there was no way to remember how long it had been. I know they say you should just feed on demand (and I did that) but I'm also a total control freak and I needed to know that I was feeding her enough just to be safe. Anyways about two weeks ago I was looking through my phone for an app to keep track of this kinda thing and I came across Baby ESP. Um amazing! The thing I like about it is it times each side so you know where to start the next time. Sometimes both my boobs feel like they are going to explode so there is no way to tell where I left off. Plus it keeps track of poops, pees, naps, medicines, and sends reminders. Its been really helpful since she is on Nystatin and has to take it 4x a day and I always forget. Just keeps me feeling organized.

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