Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dim Sum and Crafts

Today we went to Dim Sum. Olive loved the restaurant. She was awake almost the entire time looking around at all the lights and people. Dim Sum places tend me to be full of crap hanging off the ceilings and people running around so she was pretty entertained. She has no problem with loud places and it actually seems to calm her a bit. She eventually passed out in the moby and I didn't even spill on her this time. After our dim sum adventures we went to Patchwork Craft fair in Santa Ana. So much cute stuff. We managed to find another critter for Olive's walls from here. We got her this.

This is what she wore. I was determined to get that xmas sweater on her before she outgrew it. She is such a little chunker that I don't think it will actually fit at xmas time.